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Epoxy Wear Products

Epoxy Wear Products

SCProbond™ A/CRC

SCProbond™ A/CRC is a premium trowelable, silicon carbide filled, abrasion and corrosion resistant wear compound designed for thick application on badly worn areas or known severe wear locations that see less than 95℃.

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This material exhibits excellent resistance to the corrosive nature of chemicals such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid, ammonium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide while also providing protection from abrasive materials.  SCProbond™ A/CRC is designed for processing environments commonly found in copper refineries, petrochemical applications, oil sands, chemical processing plants, power plants and other environments where corrosion and abrasion are an issue. 

Epoxy Wear Products

SCProbond™ WRC

SCProbond™ WRC is similar to our A/CRC, however this product is more of a general purpose abrasion resistant compound for wear protection formulated for areas that see less than 150℃ and where severe corrosion is not an issue.

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SCProbond™ WRC is designed for use in pump casings, slurry lines, pipe elbows, pneumatic transport systems, chutes, cyclones, fans, coal breakers, pulverizers, coal heads, and other high wear areas.


SCProbond™ WRC Application Video

"We have used the A/CRC Compound and the WRC Compound throughout the plant. They are easy to work with and have amazing wear properties. In one application you can still see the hand prints of the person that installed it. The stone doesn't wash it smooth."

Limestone Mine Operator and Returning SCP Customer

For additional protection against corrosive elements, check out our SCProbond™ A/CRC - Abrasion and Corrosion Resistant Compound

Designed for use in:


Pump Casings


Slurry Lines


Pipe Elbows


Coal Heads






Air Separators

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