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SCProbond™ N

SCProbond™ N is our nitride bonded silicon carbide ceramic formulated for use in severe conditions subject to sliding abrasion, corrosion, and high temperatures up to 1525°C. This is our “workhorse” grade material, exhibiting superior impact resistance over most silicon carbide grades and typically extending component lifetimes by 3 to 10 times. SCProbond™ N is ideal for replacing large multi-feature components with a monolithic solution and widely used in power generation, mining for bulk material handling and protective linings, as well as for non-ferrous molten metal contact.


SCProbond™ TN

SCProbond™ TN is our second form of nitride bonded silicon carbide developed specifically to address the disruption and losses due to unscheduled downtime. This material has all the advantages of traditional nitride bonded silicon carbide, however is set apart by its “Through Nitriding” properties which equalize the wear rate across thicker cross sections and increase lifetime predictability. “Through Nitriding” has seen success at cross-sections 4” and beyond. This gives our customers extended product lifetimes and the ability to better predict and schedule maintenance and replacement.


SCProbond™ R

SCProbond™ R is reaction bonded silicon carbide formulated for use in extreme conditions, including sliding abrasion, corrosive environments, high service temperatures up to 1450°C, and is capable of conducting electricity. This material is characterized by high-temperature strength, a typically low porosity, good thermal shock resistance, high thermal conductivity, and a greater resistance to sliding abrasion especially when used with heavy solid-containing slurries.


SCProbond™ SSIC

SCProbond™ SSiC is sintered silicon carbide produced from extremely fine, sub-micron, silicon carbide powder and non-oxide sintering additives. Serviceable up to 1600℃, users can expect excellent corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, thermal conductivity, good resistance to wear in abrasive and sliding environments, and a hardness second only to diamond, while maintaining a density approximately the same as aluminum. SCProbond™ SSiC is ideal for extremely demanding applications, including slip ring seals in chemical pumps, bearing bushes, high temperature burner nozzles, or as kiln furniture for exceedingly high application temperatures.

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