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Many companies struggle with premature wear, corrosion, and thermal shock issues within the critical systems in their processes. These issues can cost unnecessary downtime, labor, and money.
Founded in 1994 with the customers’ needs in mind, Silicon Carbide Products, Inc (SCP) has manufactured high performance custom wear products that serve the severe industrial service needs of their customers. During these 2+ decades, SCP has gained an international reputation as a leader in this industry by offering the highest quality Silicon Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide (NBSiC) at competitive pricing, with very short lead times and an unparalleled customer experience. Often, delivery of these custom products happens faster than 2x the industry norm.
SCP's operations and manufacturing facilities are housed in a 23,500 Sq. Ft. building with additional offsite warehousing of 5,000 Sq. Ft. being utilized. SCP has manufactured nearly 3000 custom silicon carbide shapes, serving customers worldwide in many markets. Examples of these markets include: power generation, mining, material handling, petrochemical, and nonferrous molten metals.
SCP has the capability to manufacture both complex and large monolithic shapes; such as cyclone liners, burner liners (refractory), conical diffusers and FCCU nozzles; giving the added benefit of reduced installation time and higher reliability due to the reduction of seamed joints. We have been particularly successful with customers in the oil and gas, pulp, mining, coal fired power, and bulk handling industries that are disappointed with the wear characteristics of their system or product, concerned with the corrosive nature of the environment they are operating within, and/or are discouraged with the performance of their system or product within a high temperature or thermal shock situation.
SCP is an ISO 9001 registered company and quality continues to be the focus of our manufacturing operation. Our customers enjoy a 3-year average >96% on time delivery rate along with exceptional quality, as shown with a historical average return rate of 0.51%.
SCP patterns and tools all products in-house. This allows us to control our lead times. We can deliver a new item within 6-8 weeks and reorders normally ship within 4-6 weeks depending on current workload and the quantity requested.



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